Testimonials Katz Model Management Queensland, Australia


Junior Testimonials

'This course was very fun. I loved how we learnt about make-up and hair styling. One of my favourite lessons was catwalk as the class got to work together and learn the steps on the catwalk' - Ella Warrander, Junior Model

'I really enjoyed the modelling course and loved the skills that I learnt. I think that this will help me get a foot in the door in the modelling industry - which is what I really want!' - Livinia Rogers, Junior Model

'My 11 year old daughter needed help with confidence and personal presentation. Rani was able to meet girls her own age and with the same interests. The Vacation course was the best thing and I would highly recommend it for any young girl. Being in front of an audience and camera has given her a lot more confidence. Buckingham provided my daughter and I with great results for my small investment' - Annie McCormack & Rani, Vacation Program

'Before Sunny began at Buckingham he was shy and refused to sing, act or talk very much in front of adults. Over his short time at Buckingham we have watched him transform. We highly recommend enrolling with Buckingham Academy. Sunny has always wanted to become an actor, and now because of the dedication, persistence and kind support from the beautiful women at Katz & Buckingham, this has become a reality for him. He was able to star in his very first film (Hard Drive, starring John Cusack) as an extra. The confidence Sunny has gained through these courses and the skills for life and the future are out of this world. We are so happy and proud to be part of a truly amazing and supportive network!' - Tamra Bow & Sunny, Tiny Tots & Tiny Tots Advanced

Senior Testimonials 

'The Complete You course was possible one of the best things I have done! Not only have I gained some amazing friendships, but I have developed so much more confidence in what I do in everyday life. My favourite part of the course would definitely be the posing, just because it was a bit of fun and everyone could have a laugh! The course has motivated me to build my social media accounts so I can get bookings and get myself out there to bigger names in the industry. I would honestly recommend this course to anyone and everyone, no matter your age, look, style or personality!' - Olivia-Rose Campbell, The Complete You

'The Complete You course gave me a full insight into what it takes to become a model. I was told I should try modelling and someone referred me to Katz so I finally decided to take the jump and pursue it. Katz was awesome and the program was great. It taught me so much about modelling, the ins and outs, the styles, the facial expressions, body posture - everything you could think of was taught. I felt that I changed during the course as well as growing as a person. I am more confident in myself along with being more open, outgoing and have better self-esteem. I was unsure if I wanted to pursue modelling in any sort of career or if it was for me, but after this course you have the confidence and belief that anything is possible and you want to go out there and take it!' - Troy Balvert, The Complete You

'After completing a course through Buckingham Academy, it not only exposed me to the inside workings of the modelling industry, but also provided me with the confidence and support to pursue something that was entirely new to me. Each and every mentor who taught me during the course was supportive and encouraging, which allowed me to push myself to reach outside of my comfort zone. Pushing myself in such a nurturing environment allowed for growth not merely with modelling, but my overall wellbeing and self-esteem' - Jasmine Stewart, The Complete You

'I couldn't be happier with my experience with Katz 'Become A Model' course. Every person I dealt with was lovely and extremely helpful. I gained a lot of confidence during the course, and it gave me the push that I needed to pursue a modelling career. I learnt not only tips for modelling, but also tips for my everyday life. I would happily recommend Buckingham Academy.' - Jordyn Howard, Become A Model

'When I started Model Essentials, my social media profile was private and I had around 600 followers. I made it public as they suggested and started to follow the class tips, everything they taught I applied to my social media page. When I follow these tips, there will be days where I gain 15 - 20 followers. I have now increased by 800 followers, and I know that I would have more if I had applied these tips since the beginning of my profile! In this class I have learnt tricks that I didn't know existed and it works perfectly! I am in love with the teachers, the course and how my self confidence has grown. It is an amazing environment to be in ant the teachers contributed a great deal to me feeling comfortable with myself. Thank you for everything!' - Larissa Disilva, Model Essentials

'This course has given me the confidence in pursuing modelling. I learnt the basics of working in front of the camera and also on the catwalk. One of my favourite subjects was social media and photographic posing. The teachers made sure we understood everything and it was fun!' - Tyson Giheko, Model Essentials

'Thank you for this amazing opportunity as I feel I not only have skills now in the modelling industry, but also for future jobs. I feel much more confident with social media and photographic posing as well' - Georgia Howe, Model Essentials